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Vikki -Phobia Treatment - March 2018

I recently had my Hypnotherapy session with Andy and I was extremely nervous. I think it takes alot to admit you need help with something and Andy helped me to see this and eased me in with great compassion and empathy. 


I have suffered with Emetaphobia (fear of vomit/vomiting) for as long as I can remember. I also have anxiety surrounding germs in general so not an easy nut to crack. It's been a constant burden and affected not just me but my entire family. Since having my son it has become much worse often manifesting itself into panic attacks and making my poor son bathe straight after nursery out of fear. I'm sad to say I even have avoided taking him to soft play. 


Well Andy to the rescue :) I'm pregnant again now and didn't want my sons to grow up with this same burden. Andy filled me with a sense of calm and quiet and that was before the session. I was led into comfortable beautiful surroundings and gently encouraged to explore my issue. It was emotional at times but Andy held my hand through it all. I can't explain how it works that's Andy's job but for me my painful memories became either dulled or I simply couldn't remember being there anymore. They were insignificant and small and no longer a part of me. It's astounding.


Since going I still don't welcome being sick... I mean who does but it no longer fills me with fear or anxiety. It's just a normal and necessary mechanism. I find the effects get stronger as you do. I have been to soft play!!!!!! and my son didn't have a bath last Wednesday straight after nursery instead we made cakes!!!! All I can say is if you're thinking about it just do it and Andy all I can do is thank you again for such a personal and

life changing experience. I'm forever grateful.  Vikki (Worcester) 

Clare -Confidence Booster - April 2018

I had never experienced hypnotherapy before.  Andy made me feel very comfortable and relaxed and that I really had nothing to fear.  The whole experience was amazing.  I felt completely refreshed and energised-ready to take on the worries that had brought me to her to start with. Clare (Evesham)

Lisa -Weight Management Programme - April 2018

I had the pleasure of visiting Andi at Hypnotonic 3 times.  Her professional and welcoming approach immediately made me feel at ease in a comfortable environment.  I was talked through everything that was going to happen during the hypnotherapy sessions, and reassured that I would always be in control.  She helped me to understand my relationship with food and has equipped me with the tools to help manage my weight.  Would completely  recommended Hypnotonic as a hypnotherapy practitioner I was sceptical that it would work for me but it certainly has. 
My self confidence has improved and I now believe in myself  to make the changes in my life to achieve the body I want.
Thank you Hypnotonic  Lisa (Redditch)

CH -Pain Management - April 2018

Andy’s vast experience working in the NHS has meant that she brings real compassion and knowledge to your situation.  You feel completely confident in her care.  CH. (Stratford-upon-Avon)

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